Quality meets Craftsmanship

We’re proud to acknowledge the fact that our entourage of tailors belong to a lineage of classic bespoke suit makers, and demonstrate their mastery of their skills in the garments we create. What makes us unique is the unified vision of our team - to marry traditional techniques with fashion forwardness.

We craft our suits the traditional way, using a full canvas interior, requiring hours of skilled labor to baste the different layers together. The care that is taken into constructing a suit at Mode is unparalleled to any other. We invite you to have your Mode experience.

The Process

Our Master Tailor and Stylist will meet with you during our tour, where you will be able to view and select from a wide range of fabrics for suits and shirts.

Our experts will take your measurements while noting the unique frame and body type from which a customized pattern will be created. This also enables for any garment to be replicated any time in the future.

Aside from the choice of fabrics and styling, other finer details are also recorded such as interior lining and monograms.

A Legacy in Custom Clothing

At Mode our suits are made the old fashioned way - Hand Tailored .... for Today's Style.

  • All About Precision

  • Attention to Detail