Nothing radiates style and self-assurance quite like a finely tailored custom suit. At Mode, every one of our suits is meticulously handcrafted and constructed from the ground up! This means that for each individual client, we create a distinct pattern tailored to their precise measurements and 360-degree posture angles. This master pattern serves as the foundation for crafting each suit to absolute perfection.


Exquisite attention to detail sets our custom suits and shirts apart from the rest. Achieving a perfect fit is just one part; it's the meticulous focus on quality, customization, and personalization that truly elevates the essence of sartorial excellence.

At Mode, we source our luxury wools from the world's most esteemed mills. The interior construction of our suits showcases the finest lightweight horsehair canvas, imparting a superior and naturally flowing drape to our jackets. Wool's breathability is paramount, and so is our lining. Our unmatched bemberg linings are not only robust and lightweight but also exceptionally breathable, ensuring your comfort.


The distinctive touch of our master tailor shines through in the meticulous hand-picked stitching adorning the lapels and pockets, adding a special touch to the overall personality of each suit.

Among our other essential style elements are the floating sweatshields beneath the armholes and a luxurious flannel under-collar, which can be customized with a monogram for any special occasion. Buttons and buttonholes can also be tailored to highlight specific accents on your suit.

There’s no better way to make your mark than by personalizing your suit with your name elegantly embroidered on the inside.


Carefully crafted to suit your contemporary lifestyle. As times evolve, so does our approach to dressing. Whether it's dressing up or down, embracing smart casual or business casual, we're here to meet your style needs.

Create your ideal wardrobe with us. Revel in the comfort of a personalized pair of Chinos paired with a button-down smart casual dress shirt, or explore our selection of fashionable oxfords and denims. Elevate your ensemble with a breezy, silky linen sports coat... guaranteed to be a head turner!


Whether you're the dashing groom or part of the distinguished entourage, our bespoke suits and tuxedos are meticulously crafted to ensure you look and feel your best on your special day. From classic to contemporary styles, choose from a wide array of premium fabrics and exquisite details to create the perfect ensemble that reflects your unique personality and wedding theme. You can trust us to make your wedding day a sartorial triumph… your story deserves nothing less than perfection.


    Schedule your appointment with one of our satorial consultants during our trunk and road shows in your area. Our consultants will measure you with precision, taking over 30 measurements for your custom garment.


    Work together with us to style your custom garment. Pick from our wide selection of fabrics and spoil yourself. Choose your accents to further personalize your suits and shirts.


    Sit back and let the real magic happen! Our master tailors will begin the process of cutting and sewing. You can expect your garment to be hand tailored and delivered in about 4 – 5 weeks time.